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Company mission

Technodat brings to the market a significant added value connected with the deep knowledge of the industry together with the assets based on 3D PLM solutions proven by a large scope of projects and a long-term successful customer support.

Our customers´ references

  • Kasko-Formy spol. s r.o.
    Ing. Richard Staněk, Head of Development and Design, Kasko-Formy spol. s r.o.

    ENOVIA SmarTeam Design Express solution has solved our problems with the management and the currency of data. Some activities within the design were speeded up, mainly in case of creation of 2D drawing documentation in comparison to the existing style of work. Another great asset relates to the amount of data as the volume of data was reduced. The advantage of this solution is a fast view of data directly in SDE environment, speaking of both the 3D data and the 2D drawings. Another advantage is a possibility to record also common documents, such as communication with a customer, measuring reports of individual parts, technological parameters of injection etc.

  • SAZ Aerospace s.r.o.
    Ing. Zdeněk Ančík, Executive Manager of SAZ Aerospace

    The advantage of the above mentioned solution provided by the Technodat Company was mainly the fast start of design activities, owing to the simpler setting of the processes for bidirectional sharing of technical data, part of which is the direct integration of SAZ Aerospace into the customer`s workflow. Due to this solution it was not necessary to build up a special interface to allow the customer to hand on the data and take over the results of work.

Technodat, CAE-systémy, s.r.o.

The offered 3D PLM solution consists of the following Dassault Systèmes products: CATIA for 3D Design of a virtual product, ENOVIA for Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management, DELMIA for virtual production, SIMULIA for virtual testing and simulation, 3DVIA for cooperation and communication over 3D data, EXALEAD - search platform for business and public sector.

Technodat Elektro, s.r.o.

Since its establishment it has focused on complex deliveries of CAD/CAE solutions in the area of electrical design and MaR. The system ELCAD is intended for automation and heavy-current electrical engineering, the system AUCOPLAN is used for MaR while the system RUPLAN is applied for production and distribution of electrical power. The area of transportation technology and cable bundles uses the system KABI. To satisfy the needs of modern database design on Microsoft system components, Technodat Elektro, s.r.o. offers a universal SQL platform Engineering Base.

TECHNODAT is a certified Dassault Systèmes partner

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