Company LOM PRAHA s.e. is deploying Engineering Base as development platform

elektro Engineering Base 09. 11. 2017

LOM PRAHA s.e is traditional representative of Czech aerospace industry. Servicing of helicopters (Mi series) for NATO and EU countries is one of their primary activities. Furthermore, they are developing and maintaining piston engines, and various training programs for pilots are also part of their portfolio.

Recently, discussions about selection and implementation of a new SW solution for creating and updating documentation of electrical drawings and cable bundles were finished. Engineering Base (EB) was voted for as the ideal tool for these and other workflow driven purposes. EB handles development of blueprints for cable bundles and modular systems with ease. Until now, all tasks required for completion of documents were error prone and not efficient enough for modern day demands. Central benefits of the implementation are unification of development interface, project management and optimization of internal processes during project phases.

Nowadays, TECHNODAT is key participant at retrofitting of Zlín Z-142 CAF airplane, which serves as pilot project for implementation of EB at LOM. It covers creation of complete set of methodical guidelines, development of tools for automation of repeating operations, and customization of various documents e.g. bill of material, connection and wiring lists, etc.

After successfull finalizition of EB implementation and pilot project, there are intentions to deploy EB for other projects as well. Benefits of EB are immediately reflected in the form of quicker and reliable creation of documentation and production materials. 

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