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elektro Engineering Base 20. 09. 2016

SAG uses Engineering Base as a central design solution

The SAG Group is the leading partner for the energy infrastructure of utilities and industrial companies. SAG provides manufacturer-independent services and systems for power generation as well as transmission and distribution in electricity, gas and water grids. Approximately 8,500 employees generate a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros. SAG has a nationwide presence in Germany at approximately 120 locations as well as subsidiaries in France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Intelligent distribution grid management

90% of the electricity generated by renewable sources in Germany is routed directly into the distribution grids. They are not designed, however, for this fluctuating power supply and heterogeneous power consumption by increasing numbers of consumers. As an alternative to costly conventional grid expansion, SAG has collaborated with reputable partners and developed the smart grid system platform iNES for intelligent distribution grid management. Thus existing capacities can be optimally used in a self-sufficient manner and extreme conditions can be controlled or avoided.

Smart Grid Services, the SAG branch in Oberhausen (Germany), was established for iNES and related customer projects. It uses AUCOTEC‘s database-driven system Engineering Base (EB) for designing and engineering.

„Fast and intuitive“

SAG regards EB‘s Power EVU version as the successor to the standard EVU tool RUPLAN, with the latter‘s decades of experience incorporated in the new software.

The open system platform iNES allows all standard control components from third-party manufacturers to be integrated and controlled. This is also why SAG attaches great importance to the flexibility of the engineering tool. The iNES team agrees that EB is much more flexible than comparable systems. The users also value the SQL database and the well-known drawing tool Visio, which is integrated in EB. „Visio makes its use fast and intuitive“, the users at SAG all say. Due to its central database, all data that has been produced during the various steps of an iNES project can be mapped in a common model without format changes. Thus all documents are always up-to-date and consistent. This saves lengthy discussions, misunderstandings and transmission errors - and thus a lot of time.

Central design solution

EB is used as a central CAE design solution for all iNES projects. However, EB‘s integrative potential could be used even more. Thus the smart grid experts hope to be able to create in future the electrical engineering documentation for plant treatment, in addition to creating such documentation for iNES projects.


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