EXALEAD | Company-level Search Engine


EXALEAD enables organizations to sort out Big Data. It allows fast search of documentation or parts on the basis of 3D shape similarity. EXALEAD will search all metadata allowing you to sort out the results and find the required information as fast as possible. This results in significant time reduction. 



Company-level search engine based on 3D shape similarity. An easy access from a web browser and simple installation will enable businesses to make a full use of the previous know-how.

  • search based on 3D shape similarity
  • supported multi-CAD formats
  • using your own tags
  • well-arranged representation of double counting
  • fulltext search
  • intuitive search in both metadata and the body (contents)of a document


Very fast recoverability of your investment in EXALEAD OnePart due to:

  • reducing unproductive time of qualified manpower
  • reducing design and manufacturing costs
  • eliminating industrial risk by using an attested solution
  • reducing time-to- market – reuse results in acceleration

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