Analyses and Consultations

Technodat applies a consultative and analytical approach to assists industrial businesses with putting the PLM strategy into practice. Owing to the long-term cooperation with Technodat organisations are able to achieve their set targets better by applying a suitable PLM strategy on company-level. We do not intend to offer mere products, but solutions that will move our customers forward.

To deliver the right solution, we perform business and process analyses based on consultations with experienced PLM consultants. Our main analysis includes so called BVA (Business Value Assessment).

  • the BVA analysis is based on the methodology which was established at groves of academe and which deals with all areas linked with the Product Lifecycle Management

  • this internal processes audit is called for by business managements who want to be innovative and ahead of their competitors

  • organisations welcome an external company´s perspective, which often initiates process changes within the organisation

An Example of a BVA Output

  • Assessment of the current state and a prospect of possible improvements in individual processes


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