Macros and utilities

Day by day we face repeated tasks which take a lot of our time. This is why we have designed and developed macros that will do such activities instead of you. Using macros increases the work efficiency, eliminates errors and contributes to cost reductions.

  • What are macros?

The term macro designates a simple dedicated application which supplements, extends and automates the basic functionality of a system. Our macros are rather utilities, dedicated applications, which, besides the functionality itself, endeavour to provide the user with comfort and user-friendly environment, similar to commonly used Windows applications. For this reason we develop macros on the .NET platform that allows us to implement such extensions.

  • What are the advantages of using macros?

Using macros can significantly reduce time and eliminate errors, which results in reduced costs and increased productivity. Macros automate routine tasks and allow workers to pursue some creative activities.

  • What macros do we offer?

Our portfolio includes ready-made macros that respond to our customers´ requirements and deal with repeated tasks. Such macros are either ready to use, or need configuration via configuration files. The up-to-date catalogue can be downloaded here.

  • Do you need your own macros?

Do you have specific activities that need automation, but none of the macros in the catalogue deals with that issue? Have you found a macro in the catalogue that you like but it needs changing or extending its functionality according to your company´s needs? Tell us what the macro should do and how it should be controlled. Our specialist will perform an analysis that will detect whether your requirements are achievable. Subsequently we will develop the macro, test it in collaboration with you and deploy it.

  • Do you need to go on developing macros?

We take that into account. We will deliver not only a functional, running macro but we will also provide technical support for an arranged period and an opportunity to work on further improvements of the macro and develop it according to your requirements.

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