DELMIA | Supports Industry 4.0



  1. NC Machining
  2. Manufacturing Process Planning
  3. Robotization

DELMIA is the world´s leading solution for technology and manufacturing based on innovation. Owing to its robustness, safety and reliability DELMIA belongs to highly developed PLM systems on the market. 


NC Machining

DELMIA Manufacturing allows programming advanced machining strategies:

  • prismatic milling and boring
  • 3-axis milling with a possibility to index 4th and 5th axis
  • continual 5-axis milling
  • turning
  • multi-axis turning and milling operations


Manufacturing Process Planning

DELMIA enables businesses to integrate technological and manufacturing processes in a unified PLM system. Due to the compact solution it is then possible to detect errors in manufacturing and promptly initialize change control within a unified platform, and thus increase the efficiency of the collaboration between the design and manufacturing and accelerate the start of new production. DELMIA is useful in the following areas:

  • Production line planning
  • Schematic representation of production system
  • Definition of operation times, instructions etc.
  • 3D visualization of assembling procedure
  • Analysis – checking whether all parts were used
  • Optimization of the production BOM
  • Creation/import and visualization of the manufacturing process
  • Checking assembling operations
  • Creating production documentation



DELMIA Robotics enables programming of robot motions:

  • common manipulation
  • arc welding
  • point welding


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